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first attepmt. ‘exposed position’

March 25, 2010

hollow, one piece. hand built. 36″ by 18″. stoneware paper clay. cone 6.
the mosaic/surface decoration is made from scrap metal, broken ceramics and grout

in progess photos:

metal rocks!


zebras pair up

March 23, 2010

maybe they are all lovers


March 21, 2010

porcelain with gold luster. cone 6, oxidation.

spring drink touching today

March 20, 2010

click on any image for a larger view

pen and paper

wall or even a table top. ‘OPTICS’

March 4, 2010

hand built wall tile.  cone 04 brick clay. 3 feet by 2 feet.
first i pounded a 4″ high solid slab of clay. then i carved it down.
water and city

drawing big at home number one

March 3, 2010

graphite, charcol, acyrilc paint

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