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New Studio Work in Progress

May 20, 2012

(Took two months to train myself to build small again, finally I made something)





all gone

October 4, 2011

May 2011, Halifax NS
The clay from all of these sculptures was then put in reclaim and reused.

something inside another thing but not really

September 8, 2011

hand built, paper clay, acrylic/house paint, ink, plexi glass, 300 cigarette packs, wood


May 31, 2011

hand built…paper clay, acrylic paint, silkscreen

p.s. more photos coming soon


May 17, 2011

paperclay, acrylic/house/spray paint, hair, plexi glass, wood
42″ x 34″ x 26″

round things

May 5, 2011


times feel heavy

January 30, 2011

hollow, 4.5feet x 1.5 feet, paper clay, hand built

handmade bathtub!

July 27, 2010

hidden face, you see it?

stoneware paper clay, 69′ by 34′

newer. concentrating on creating a new form and all the spaces around

April 22, 2010

handbuilt, one piece, hollow, 48 inches tall, stoneware paper clay cone 6

the negative space between the two is in the shape of pottery
i was trying to make a figurative vase
the flat parts on top can be used as a stand for plants or, for something else

April 21, 2010

size of the lidded vessel

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